During my 19-year career, my roles have included IT Consultancy, IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, Innovation/Creativity Facilitation, IT Research, Project Management, Finance Consultancy and Internal Audit.

Prior to joining Butler Group, I provided ITIL-based IT Consultancy for Hibernian Group PLC, a Dublin-based insurance provider that is part of the Aviva Group. This involved the creation of ITIL-based Service Management policies, processes and procedures to address minimum controls mandated by a new IT and Risk Management policy.

Prior to 18 months of IT Service Management-biased IT Consultancy, I spent six years in customer-centric IT Service Management roles for Royal Mail Group. Most recently Product and Service Level Management and, previously, Service Delivery and Improvement. My entry into the Service Management arena was via the project management of a small IT Asset Management project that eventually saved Royal Mail Group circa £9m per annum in Desktop Services costs. I also possess the ITIL Service Management green and red badges.

Whilst working within the Post Office Research Group, I fulfilled a number of roles. Starting as a Future Business Analyst, he then moved to project manage the implementation of a Knowledge Management system and then to provide insight on collaboration technologies as a Senior IT Researcher. During these roles, I also facilitated creativity and problem solving sessions within the Post Office’s purpose built Innovation Lab.

My initial career had a Finance focus. Leaving Sheffield University with a degree in Accounting & Financial Management and Mathematics, I qualified as a Management Accountant in 1994 whilst working firstly in Royal Mail Internal Audit and then in the Post Office’s Finance and Economics Consultancy Practice.

I joined Butler Group’s IT Management and Planning research practice, with a particular emphasis on IT Service Management and IT Governance.


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  1. Hi Stephen,
    I know you’ve spoken with Paula at C8 Consulting in the past regarding Staff&Line. I’ve done some writing around ITSM including writing some pieces for the blog above. Some recent research showed that one customer who replaced their legacy ITSM system with EasyVista saw a 271 percent Return on Investment (ROI) over three years with a payback period of less than 12 months. The full story is on the blog above. If you have any thoughts or would like to know more, please see the blog, or send me an email.

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