Is ITIL v3 an opportunity for vendors to demonstrate new areas of ITSM innovation & product/marketplace differentiation?

While IT service management vendors state that their tools are ITIL v3 aligned, there is a vast difference between tools in terms of the ITIL v3 processes supported, the depth and breadth of support, and the ways in which the tools support the processes. I appreciate that vendors are led, or at least influenced, by what the market requires, I believe however that the needs of ITIL v3 offer a definite opportunity for a vendor to differentiate itself from the pack. For many vendors there has been too great an emphasis on service catalog at the expense of other ITIL v3 process, leaving a gaping hole that an innovative IT service management vendor could exploit – not just through new technology delivery but also through strategic intent.

IT service management vendors need to create, and engage with clients via, a robust ITIL v3 strategy, one that, while covering the core ITIL processes that have traditionally sold IT service management tools to prospective clients, helps to move IT organization thinking forward from a service lifecycle perspective. They should espouse, if not recommend, the tool capabilities required for successful ITIL v3 adoption, focusing on how their tool’s ITIL v3-enabling capabilities can help to further optimize IT operations and improve IT-to-business integration. In my opinion, IT service management vendors played a big role in the rapidity of worldwide ITIL v2 adoption through the availability of fit-for-purpose tools, and the same will be true for v3. In many ways, IT organizations will need such a vendor approach to make the leap from ITIL v2 to v3.


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